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Zen+ Music and Movie Server

Innuos Video Tutorials

Rather than providing hefty manuals, we provide video tutorials to show step by step how to use the Zen+. Make sure to subscribe our channel as we will be updating it constantly.

Go to Innuos Video Tutorials Youtube Channel
My Movies documentation

My Movies Documentation

You can check the My Movies documentation for all the information you need to organise your movie collection.

Go to SqueezePad Website


Squeezepad Help

SqueezePad (iPad)

SqueezePad is a remote for Logitech Media Server (which the Zen+ is based on) with a very clean and simple interface. If you have an iPad, this is our recommended app.

Go to SqueezePad Website
iPeng Help

iPeng 8 (iPhone/iPad)

iPeng is another remote for the Logitech Media Server. Its main advantage is being compatible with both iPhone and iPad so if you plan to use both, this is the way to go. iPeng 8 has a beautiful interface specifically designed for iOS though we find it a bit more confusing to use than SqueezePad.

Go to iPeng 8 on iTunes Store
Orange Squeeze

Orange Squeeze (Android)

Orange Squeeze is our preferred remote control app for Android. With a beautiful interface and simple operation, it's a joy to use.

Go to Orange Squeeze on Google Play Store
Squeeze Remote

Squeeze Remote (Windows 8)

If you have a Windows 8 laptop, tablet or phone there's also an app for you. Squeeze Remote has arguably the most pretty interface.

Go to Squeeze Remote on Windows Store
My Movies documentation

My Movies (iOS, Android, Windows 8)

The My Movies app allows you to check the ripping status of your discs directly on the Zen+, as well as browsing your movie collection with full metadata and using it as a remote control for a Dune Media Player.

Go to Orange Squeeze on Google Play Store