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Release Notes


Released 06/07/2020

This release provides support for Native DSD to more DACs - see list below. Some DACs may require a firmware update in order to provide support for Native DSD playback - please consult your DAC manufacturer for more details.

Also includes bug fixes and general performance improvements.

New Features

  • Now supports Native DSD playback on a larger number of compatible DACs, especially those with XMOS chips on their USB Interfaces.


  • Fixes issue where logs fill up rapidly when a DAC is turned off when the player is on.
  • Fixes issue with albums containing tracks with the "%" character were not editable.
  • Other small fixes and enhancements.


Current DACs supporting Native DSD

This list is not exhaustive as many DACs contain the same USB chip implementation so please do try with your DAC and if your DAC works with Native DSD and is not listed here, please email support@innuos.com and we will add it to our list.


Aqua Formula xHD DAC
Audiolab M-DAC+ 
Bryston BDA3 
Cyrus QXR 
DACs based on Amanero - Combo384 
Encore mDSD 
Furutech ADL Stratos 
Gustard DAC-X20U 
HDTA Serenade DSD 
Hegel HD12 DSD 
iFi Audio micro/nano iDSD 
LH Labs VI DAC Infinity 
M2Tech Young MkIII 
Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 
Matrix Audio X-Sabre 
Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 
Mola-Mola DAC 
MSB Technology 
Mutec MC3+ USB 
Nagra Tube DAC 
NuPrime Audio DAC-9 
NuPrime DAC-10 
NuPrime IDA-16 
NuPrime uDSD 
OPPO Sonica 
Playback Designs 
Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital 
PS Audio NuWave DAC 
T+A DAC8DSD-V2.0, 
T+A MP1000E-V2.0
T+A MP2000R-V2.0
T+A MP2500R-V2.0, 
T+A MP3100HV-V2.0 
The Bit Opus #3
Topping DX7s 
W4S DAC-2v2SE 
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSD