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Release Notes


Released 24/07/2019

This is essentially a bug fix release, fixing a number of issues with the previous release.

New Features

  • Improved internal player engine resulting in better sound quality
  • Added further support to FLAC and Apple Lossless files encoded with some specific encoders (ex: LAVF)
  • Added Radio Paradise in lossless FLAC streaming
  • Backup to USB now saves the backup in a separate folder, allowing to use the USB drive with other contents
  • Added support to NASes that do not support SMB v1 connections 
  • Added advanced options to reset the internal music library database and UPnP Server
  • Added advanced option to reset the Roon Database
  • Added advanced option to download Roon logs
  • Added support for importing from USB drives formatted in exFAT format


  • Fixed Sonos integration using the new Sonos API
  • Fixed Spotify Connect skipping tracks on playback
  • Fixed issue with BBC iPlayer radio sounded at a decelerated rate
  • Fixed some issues when saving specific WAV files on album editing
  • Fixed issue when editing some albums and saving would split album into 2 albums on the music library
  • Fixed issue with track time incorrectly reported when playing back specific WAV files
  • Added ALT tag to Save button on Album Edit to better support screen readers like JAWS
  • Fixed issue where album year was not saved during album editing
  • Fixed issue where genres would not be updated if all genres were removed during album editing
  • Fixed issue where adding a comma to an artist would split into 2 different artists during editing
  • Fixed issue with Backup crashing on "Checking Backup Requirements"
  • Fixed issue with Backup reporting incorrectly that backup is larger than music library when backing up to NAS
  • Fixed issues when importing some files containing non utf-8 characters
  • Fixed issue with Quarantine crashing when obtaining metadata for some offline albums
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements