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Release Notes


Released 11/10/2018

New Features

  • Updated Spotify to the new Spotty plugin supporting Spotify Connect.
  • Disc Copier now allows to exclude files from ripping when editing in Assisted Mode.
  • Quick Import option is now available, enabling to import music to a folder on the music library but without the server changing the original folder structure. 
  • New Import History view. 
  • Quick Imports can be deleted or organised into the Music Library from Import History.
  • Duplicate and Unknown albums during import can now be edited or deleted directly from Import History.
  • New Factory Reset option available on Settings > Advanced Settings.
  • New UI for editing albums.
  • New Change Cover feature allows to search for covers directly from the editing interface.
  • Can now delete individual tracks from an album when editing.
  • Can now check individual track information when editing.
  • Now automatically rescans music library when saving/deleting an album with much improved performance, independently of music library size.
  • New Auto-Organise option on Settings. Users can now choose if they want the server to auto-organise albums when editing. Default is on meaning albums will be allocated as per quality/artist/album folder structure. If off, server will save metadata only and not change the filenames and/or folder structure. This enables to maintain the music folder structure manually if desired.
  • Can now edit and organise albums stored in the Unsorted folder.
  • Duplicates now have include [Duplicate] in the album title for easy identification.


  • Fixed issue where removing all tags from an album would add a No Genre tag.
  • Fixed filenames when ripping CDs contained illegal characters on the CD metadata.
  • Server now detects duplicates more intelligently, checking for the individual files within an album.
  • Fixed issue where track composers were not being saved when ripping a CD.
  • Fixed issue where Import was not displaying a Storage full error when trying to import more music than the available storage.
  • Fixed issue with track titles coming as "None" when editing an Unknown Album.
  • Fixed issue with UTF-8 characters read from files that could cause import to crash.
  • Fixed issues with unzipping files that contained UTF-8 characters.
  • Fixed issue with Roon unable to delete files on a NAS.
  • Fixed issue with backslashes not being replaced when ripping a CD.