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Release Notes

INNUOS Release 1.1.0


New Features and Improvements

  • Now supports ripping directly in the WAV format as well as FLAC;
  • New Quiet Ripping Mode. This mode drastically reduces noise and vibration during CD Ripping although at the expense of a longer ripping time (8-10 minutes). Ideal when listening to music at the same time as ripping;
  • New DSD playback mode to enable playing back DSD on non-DSD DACs by transcoding to FLAC;
  • No longer requires setting up a maximum rate for DAC, this is detected automatically;
  • Import now extracts album covers embedded to WAV files as this as may have positive impact on sound when playing on music streamers;
  • Sound engine improvements;


  • Fixed problem with music player running on Mk.I Music Servers;
  • Fixed issue in Disc Ripper screen where the progress spinner took some time to show;
  • Fixed issue with update showing the incorrect version installed when an update needed reboot.