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Playing your Music


With innuOS based devices you have three possible configurations to listen to your music:

  • Using an external DAC - either connected directly to USB Audio output, or to coax or optical input using a converter;
  • Using a UPnP/DLNA streamer - either connected to your router or connected to the dedicated streamer port on models that have them (Zen Mk.II and Zenith);
  • As a NAS - for multi-room solutions like Sonos;


Devices running innuOS are not restricted to using one of the options above, you can even use all three methods simultaneously.

When connected to an external DAC, playback is managed by using a control app installed on a smartphone or tablet. This type of setup allows you to integrate music streaming services like Tidal, Spotify or Qobuz and to create mixed playlists of ripped and online music.

In a UPnP/DLNA setup, playback will be controlled by the employed network player and integration of streaming services will depend on whether said player suports them.