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Ripping CDs

Automatic Mode

When configured for automatic mode, the music server will look up all the medatada for an inserted CD and rip the CD without any user intervention being required. This is best suited for more mainstream music collections where the online music databases provide the most reliable information.
If a CD can not be found in any database the CD will still be ripped, however it will not be saved to your music library. Instead, it will be stored in the Quarantine as an unknown album, where you can manually fix missing metadata at a later time. Similarly, in case no internet connection is available to look up the CD's metadata, or if a disc is damaged to the point that one or more tracks can no longer be read, these discs will be stored in the quarantine as offline or damaged discs respectively. Also, when ripping a CD for a second time, it will be marked as a duplicate and moved to the quarantine.
This behaviour ensures that you can just pop in a CD, and store it back in its case after three to five minutes. 

Ripping a CD

Just put the CD in the drive, that's really all there is to it.
Ripping a CD takes around three to five minutes, after which the Disc will either be stored in your Music Library if all went went well, or it will be kept in Quarantine in case something couldn't be handled automatically.

Monitoring CD ripping progress 

While the ripping process is automated, you can monitor the progress by opening the innuOS Dashboard at my.innuos.com and entering the CD ripper:

Dashboard - CD ripper highlighted

You can then follow the ripping progress:

CD Ripper progress in Automatic Mode

On this screen you can see all the CD information that was retrieved from the online databases, Album Artist, Album Name, Track Names, Track Artists and Composer information. Also, an animation will identify the track currently being ripped, and a checkmark is shown for successfully ripped tracks.

Ejecting a Disc

If for some reason you'd like to abort the ripping progress, you can click to eject button in the top right corner:

CD Ripper - eject button

Proceed to the Assisted Mode section, or read more about how the Quarantine works.