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Ripping CDs

Assisted Mode


In Assisted Mode, the music server will look up the CD in the online databases, and then wait for you to confirm or correct the data and cover art before ripping the disc. This mode of operation is best suited for collections of classical and world music.
If an album from the same artist, with the same album name and the same disc number is ripped, it will be saved to the Quarantine as a potential duplicate.
Read more about how the Quarantine works.

Starting a rip

Put the CD in the drive, point your tablet, pc or smartphone's browser to my.innuos.com to get your music server's Dashboard and enter the Disc Ripper section:

Dashboard - Disc Ripper highlighted

Here you can see an overview of the data that was found:

CD Ripper - Assisted Mode
Correcting CD data

If there is something you'd like to adjust, hit the edit button to enter the metadata edition interface:

Disc Ripper, assisted mode - edit selected

CD Ripper - Assisted Mode - Edit View

Once you're in the metadata edition interface, just tap any field and start typing to edit it's value.

Changing album cover

Tap or click the "change cover" button:

CD Ripper - Assisted Mode - Change Cover highlighted

In the window that follows, choose an image you previously downloaded to use as the new cover image.

Changing album artist and album composer information

The Album Artist and Album Composer fields are located at the top of the page. Note that changing these values will set the Artist/Composer for all tracks.

Editing Album Artist

Adding or removing genres

Genres are listed as tags in the header section. To remove one, just click the X on the genre you wish to remove:

 CD Ripper - Assisted Mode - Remove Genre

To add genres, click or tap the "Add Genre" button. A popup window in which you can select an existing genre or add a new one to the album:

Add genre

Assisted CD Ripping - Genres edited

Finishing rip

When you've changed everything to your liking, just tap the forward button to initiate the rip:

Asisted ripping - save highlighted

The system will then rip your CD and store it in the Music Library. From here on the process is automated and will continue even if switch off your tablet. If you like, you can of course keep your tablet switched on to monitor the progress. 
Feel free to fetch some of your favourite beverage and listen to music while the system is ripping. If wish to hear music while ripping and you'd like the system to be as silent as possible, you can head over to the settings and put the Disc Ripper in Quiet Mode.