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Importing your Music

Importing from a NAS

innuOS will allow you import music from a specific NAS Shared Folder existing on your network directly. This is usually much faster than using a computer to copy the music from the NAS to the innuOS server.


Make sure your NAS drive is connected via a wired connection to your network or directly to the Streamer Port of your innuOS server should it have one available.

  1. Click the "From Network Storage" card;
  2. Type in the NAS server name or IP number such as "DISKSTATION" or "";
  3. Type the path to the folder you wish to import, using the "/" to separate folders such as "/media/music/";
  4. Click Next;
  5. If your NAS Shared Folder requires a username and password, insert them or otherwise leave blank;
  6. Click Next;
  7. If all information is correct, import will start immediately. If there's an error, click the "Back" button to correct any entries and try again.