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Correcting Album Data



The Quarantine is an area where ripped discs are stored in case something couldn't be handled automatically. This includes:
  • Unknown Album: A disc for which no information was found online (only applies when ripping in Automatic Mode)
  • Offline Album: A disc that was ripped while no internet connection was available (only applies when ripping in Automatic Mode)
  • Potential Duplicate: An Album which seems to already be present in your Music Library.
  • Damaged Disc: A disc where one or more tracks could not be ripped due to smudges or scratches.

The Quarantine is reached by opening your system's Dashboard at my.innuos.com and choosing "Quarantine":

innuOS Dashboard - Quarantine highlighted

This will show a listing of all albums that are currently quarantined:

Quarantine overview

Click or tap on any quarantined album to views its details:

Quarantine - Unknown Album

Usage is identical to that of the metadata edition view for Assisted CD Ripping, i.e., you can just tap any field and start typing to set it's value. You can also easily change the albums cover image
You can listen to a preview of a track by clicking the play button on the top right corner of each track:

Quarantine - Listen to a preview

If you'd rather not keep a given quarantined album, you can delete it:

Quarantine - delete an album

Quarantine refresh

When performing a quarantine refresh, the system will do another attempt to look up information for discs for which no information was previously found, i.e. for  Unknown and Offline Albums. The refresh button is located in the top right of the Quarantine:

Quarantine - refresh button

If an unknown or offline album turns out to already be in your music library, it will be marked as a Potential Duplicate and remain in quarantine. If an Offline Album turns out to be unknown, it be marked as such and be kept in the Quarantine.

Unknown Albums

When ripping CDs in Automatic Mode, any CD that can not be identified will be stored in the Quarantine instead of being moved to the Music Library. This avoids the annoiance of having multiple albums named "Unknown Album" in your library and ensures that only albums with valid metadata are stored.
To manually set the album information for an Unknown Album, click on it in the Quarantine listing to enter the metadata edition interface, change any fields you'd like to change and hit the save button once you're done:

Quarantine - save button

Offline Discs

If no internet connection is available while ripping in Automatic Mode, ripped discs will be kept in the quarantine so that you can later retry fetching the album information. To do so, do a Quarantine refresh as described above, or enter the CD's information manually if you prefer.

Potential Duplicates 

Any Album that has the same Artist Name, Album Name and Disc Number as one which already exists in your library will be considered to be a potential duplicate and will be kept in the quarantine until you address it.
If you've confirmed that you already have a given album in you music library, you can delete it from the quarantine by clicking or tapping the trash bin at the top right corner
Otherwise, if you wish to move a given album to you music library, you'll need to ensure that it is unique by changing one of the following:
  • Album Artist's name;
  • Album Name;
  • Disc Number;

where "Disc Number " refers to the number of the disc within an album composed of multiple CDs.

Damaged Discs 

When a damaged disc has been ripped, any tracks that couldn't be ripped will be shown as missing:

Quarantine - Damaged disc

You can then either move the album to you music library as-is by hitting the save button, or you can try cleaning the CD and rip it again.