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Backing Up your Music Library


innuOS allows you to backup and restore your Music Library and System settings to an external USB hard drive or Network Storage device (NAS) so that your library is kept safe at all times.

All backups performed through innuOS are incremental meaning that only changes between the last backup and the current backup are copied. This makes the backup procedure a lot faster.

You can also use the Automatic Backup feature. With Automatic Backup, the system determines how much music you have added since your last backup. If this exceeds a certain threshold (by default, approxiamately the storage taken by 50 CDs), innuOS will start automatically a backup procedure to your backup device of choice. If your backup device isn't connected at the time, you receive an error on the Backup Dashboard  page and the system will try again at a later time. You can also initiate backups manually at any time from the Backup Dashboard.

In order to prevent data loss, innuOS implements a number of safeguards during the backup and restore processes. One example is in case you start a manual backup and the storage size on the innuOS server is smaller than what's on the backup drive, a warning will pop up as this can eventually be a case of data loss. However, it can also be a legitimate scenario (cleaning up the music library) so the system will proceed if the user confirms the operation.