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Backing Up your Music Library

Setup Backup to NAS

Backing up to NAS drive will create a copy of your music library to a Network-Attached-Storage device located on your local home network.

Before you begin

We strongly recommend having both your Innuos server and NAS drive both plugged in directly to the network by ethernet cable for the quickest and most reliable backup process.

Please also make sure the NAS drive is of sufficient size to store your existing music library. We also recommend having enough extra space to accommodate for future backups as your music library continues to grow.


Open my.innuos.com on your controlling device, open the dashboard and go to the Backup tab.

Select ‘Configure Backup’ 
Configure Backup

Choose ‘Network Folder’ and NEXT to proceed.
Choose Backup Target NAS

Enter the Server Name of your NAS into the hostname field. The name must be identical to how it appears on your network. Once entered, press NEXT to proceed.
Choose NAS Server

Enter the name of the folder path you would like to set as the destination for your backup. Press NEXT to proceed.
Choose Shared Folder

Enter the login credentials of your NAS drive. These details may be unique to you if changed from the factory defaults. Otherwise, please check with your manufacturer the default login details. As an example in the screenshot below, this is typically ‘admin’ for the username and ‘password’ for the password. This may vary between different manufacturers. Press NEXT once the correct login details have been entered.
User Authorization

The backup folder will now be created and ready to perform a backup. It will also remain the destination folder for all future backups. Press CLOSE to finish this process.

You can now return to the Backup tab and perform your first backup when desired. You will now also see the option to re-import from a backup if required in the future. 

Backup Frontpage

If you need to make any changes to the NAS backup such as new server, folder, enabling of automatic backups, or switching to USB backup method, then this can be found under Settings -> Music Library.