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Configuring your Server


On version 1.2.0 of innuOS we introduced support for integrating music on network shares (or NAS) into your music-server. This allows you to play music from your NAS through our Zen Mk.II line of music servers. Note that albums which are currently on a NAS will be shown in your music library and can be played back through the USB output, but can not be edited nor be accessed through UPnP.

Adding Shared folders

To set up Playback from NAS Shared Folders, go to my.innuos.com > Settings

my.innuos Dashboard - settings highlighted

 In the settings, go to the Music LIbrary section and click on "Configure NAS Shared Folders":

my.innuos Dashboard - settings highlighted

You wil now see a list of currently configured NAS shares:

Settings, NAS share configuration, empty

To integrate a NAS share into your Music LIbrary, click on "Add Folder" to begin. You will be asked to input the network share's name or IP address, as well as the path to the folder:

Settings, NAS share configuration, adding a share, step 1

 In the following step, insert a username and password if your network share requires it, or just press "Next" if not:

Settings, NAS share configuration, adding a share, step 2

Once the network share configuration has successfully been added, the newly added network share will be listed along with its connection status:

Settings, NAS share configuration, list of configured shares


In case a network becomes unavailable any albums stored on it will become unavailable to play. The music server will periodically attempt to reconnect to the network share, however you can also attempt to reconnnect manually. To do so, go to "Settings > Configure NAS Shared Folders" to see the list of configured network shares:

Settings, NAS share configuration, offline network shares

 Click on the network share, to see the properties, and press "Retry Connection"

Settings, NAS share configuration, offline network shares