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Music Servers

From intelligent CD ripping, music library management on a tablet to Hi-Res playback, the new Zen MkII series allows you to truly enjoy your favourite music. All models are compatible with DACs, Multi room systems or Streamers, so you just have to choose which model best suits your needs.

Music Servers

Zen Mini Mk.II Std

Designed for music lovers who mostly want to enjoy music on Multi-room and entry-level Hi-Fi systems.
£ 699.00
In Stock

Zen Mk.II Std

Ideal for Hi-Fi enthusiasts with large music libraries, looking for improved sound stage and rhythm.
£ 1,499.00
In Stock

Zenith Mk.II Std

Our flagship model, designed for Audiophiles who want to extract all the detail and dynamics out of their music on high end hi-fi systems.
£ 2,299.00
In Stock

The New Zen Mk.II Series

Our ZEN MkII Series take digital sound quality to new heights whilst providing an intuitive interface anyone can use, not just computer wizards. This can only be achieved through a unique combination of hardware and software working together as one.

Most Music Servers require a computer to manage the Music Library. We are now taking the user experience to the next level, and as a result we have created innuOS. Our new Operating System enables the Server and Ripper capabilities, including album cover and data editing, to be fully managed using only a smartphone or a tablet.

Sound quality is only as good as its source, and as such the Music Server has a crucial role in the overall audible quality of any system. We took a fresh approach in creating our ZEN and ZENith models by adopting a design philosophy that focuses on producing the minimum amount of noise possible, instead of focusing on fitering noise afterwards. Nature provides us with a perfect example: A polluted water stream can be cleaned, but will never be as pure as if it was never polluted in the frst place.

The ZEN Mk.II series are gathering glowing feedback from consumers, partners and press alike.


Server of the Year

The New Zen Mk.II Series

Powered by innu OS

CD Ripper

CD Ripper

  Album Quarantine

Album Quarantine

  Edit Album Data and Cover Art

Edit Album Data and Cover Art

Browse Music Library

Browse Music Library

  Import Existing Digital Library

Import Existing Digital Library

  Automatic Backup

Automatic Backup


Intelligent CD Ripping and Storage

During ripping, innuOS automatically obtains album data, including artists, composers, track names and cover art from multiple online databases.

A bit-perfect rip of your CD to FLAC with zero compression or WAV is saved in the server’s local storage.

Automatic and Assisted mode

Automatic mode: for those who have more main stream music collections. Insert the CD, wait 3-5 min and the CD will pop-out.

Assisted mode: for Classical and World music lovers. Confirm or edit album data and cover before ripping each CD.

Offline CD ripping

CD will rip without internet connection. When connected, data will be automatically obtained with a simple click.

Album Quarantine

Unidentified, duplicates and albums ripped whilst offline are stored in the Quarantine area where you can listen to track samples and edit album data & cover.

Hi-FI Music player

Play your stored music, Internet Radio and Online Services such as Spotify 1 , Tidal 1 , Deezer or BBC iPlayer Radio with the best sound quality by connecting to a device with a USB, optical 3 or coaxial 3 input such as a DAC.

Supports up to 32bit/384kHz, DSD256 and MQA 2 with gapless playback.

Multi-system compatibility

Can be used as a UPnP server, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or a Network Player, allowing out of the box integration with multiple systems:

• Wireless multi-room, such as Sonos, Naim Mu-so, Denon HEOS, amongst others

• Music streamers such as Naim, Linn, Auralic and many others

• Hi-Fi systems such as DACs, Digital Amplifiers, Active Speakers and others


Music Library Management
on Tablet & Smartphone

innuOS enables complete computer-free operation for managing CD ripping, editing album data & cover art plus unknown albums.

Edit Album Data and Cover Art

Browse your library, select the album you want to update and just start editing - couldn’t be easier.

Import existing digital library

Pre-defined wizards for USB, Music Servers, NAS and Computer imports allow to import your existing music collection (FLAC, DSD, Apple Lossless, WAV, MP3, M4a, and AIFF). Your library will be automatically organised by artist, album and quality (compressed, CD-quality or High-Res).

Automatic backup to USB drive or NAS

Backup can be set-up to start automatically based on library growth (i.e. every time 50 CDs are added).

Information on last successful backup, as well as last backup status can easily be checked.

Automatic music library rescan

Each time new music is added, your library is automatically rescanned. Moreover, the integrated music player as well as connected systems such as Sonos or UPnP streamers will be updated.

Automatic network discovery

No more figuring out IP addresses to access systems. Just go to my.innuos.com on your tablet or smartphone to list all Innuos devices on the network. 

1 Requires premium subscriptions. 2 When connecting to compatible DACs. 3 Using an optional accessory.

Movie and Music Servers

Looking to store movies as well?

Discover our Movie and Music Servers range.

Still got questions?

Contact the

Innuos team for unbiased advice about which server is best suited to your specific needs. And don’t forget, all our servers are backed by our “ love it or return it ” satisfaction guarantee.